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Hi! We're Tim & Allison! 😃

Over 20 years ago, we started our first online business. Within the first year, Allison was able to quit her 9-5 job and focus entirely on the business. Videos has always been a key part of our online marketing. 

Creating videos can be done anywhere. It gives us the freedom to travel full time with our family. ✈️ We just work on the plane, hotel, or beach with just a cell phone, camera, and a laptop. 

Besides an income, vlogging gives us some incredible opportunities. Including free travel (like trips to Hawaii, Europe, and cruises), acting jobs on shows like Disney+, invitations to movie premieres and grand openings, exclusive merchandise to review (before it is even released to the public), and so much more.

We want to share our knowledge with you, so you can follow your dreams.

Highlights of FREE 5-Day Course:

  • How to Find Your Ideal Customer 
  • How to Create a Social Marketing Powerhouse
  • How to Maximize Your Videos so Fans Find YOU
  • Which is Better for Videos? YouTube or Facebook?
  • A HUGE Mistake Most YouTubers Make & How to Avoid it!
  • How to Save Time with Schedules
  • Insider Tips on Creating Fans that Will Share Your Content for You
  • How to Make Money with Videos
  • What Camera Equipment Should I Use? This One May Surprise You!
  • What is the Best Editing Software?
  • A SURPRISE Secret that Always Helps Boost Engagement on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram
  • And More . . . 

Creating this course has been an amazing project for us. 😀 We hope this helps you get started building your business with videos.

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