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Harry Potter Spell Book

Learn how to make a Harry Potter Spell Book with a composition book and a few extra supplies.


  • 1 Composition Book
  • 1 Favorite Paint for Book Cover
  • 1 Brown Paint
  • 3 Foam Brushes
  • 1 Gold Paint Pen
  • 1 Modge Pod
  • 3 pieces Typing Paper
  • Tape
  • 1 Pen


  • You will print an 8 x 10 paper with the wording Spell Book using Georgia font
  • Tape the paper on the composition book, where you want the wording
  • Using a pen and write on top of the wording taped to your composition book (this will make an indention into the composition book)
  • Paint your composition book in your favorite color
  • Once it drys, touch up paint the corners with brown paint (making the book look older)
  • Using the gold paint pen, paint on top of the indented wording “Spell Book”
  • Paint the entire cover with the Mod Pod paint to seal it